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Five in a Row....Your Kidding

Posted December 13, 2009
Don't forget to check out oilnutz.com Well, Well, Well… Where are all the trade them now guys??? Have you all put away your panic buttons and maybe even relized that Hemsky alone isn’t going to make this team team great. All I can say is that it was another great week for the team. The GBP line was clicking (especially against the Blues). Horcoff is playing great in a role that suits... Read More »

Hate to Say it but...

Posted December 6, 2009
I told you so. The Oilers were coming together as a team and what do you know. The beat the Wings and the Stars, both teams who the Oilers haven’t had much success against in the past years. The Oilers are still in the running for a lottery pick and still have some glaring weaknesses but as apposed to the past few seasons at least we can say that they are moving in the right direction. For... Read More »

Off the top of my head

Posted October 24, 2009
What a game last night The Blue jackets are a really good team and the Oilers Squeeked one out lead by none other then Penner, Gagne and Hemsky. Thats right the new #1 line. Go figure. So seriously, did we really need to go after Heatly or Jagr or Hossa. Nope the answer was there all along just nobody planted the seeds, gave it water and sun, and got it to grow. "Yes that would be a did on MacT... Read More »


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