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"I don't care if you want to here my Opinion...I'm giving it to you anyway."
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Well, Well, Well…

Where are all the trade them now guys??? Have you all put away your panic buttons and maybe even relized that Hemsky alone isn’t going to make this team team great.

All I can say is that it was another great week for the team. The GBP line was clicking (especially against the Blues). Horcoff is playing great in a role that suits him best, as a support line player. Nelson is playing like we want him too. JJD is proving the critics wrong and coming up with a lot of big saves.

The did have a few gaffs again and a few players really didn’t show up for a few of the games but…It’s coming…It’s coming.

But just because some people are never going to be satisfied here’s some more fuel for your fires and a few moves that I would be looking at if I was Mr. Lowe…opps I mean Mr. Tambellini,

If I were GM…

- Bye, Bye Moreau. Yep this is a move that needs to be done sooner then later. Moreau really isn’t contributing to the team right now and was one of the major problems in the dressing room last year. It would be nice to see a Glencross or a Tootoo coming back but I would settle for a dozen pucks and a half drank beer if that was all I could get.

- Tom Gilbert -I will be the first to say that Gilbert’s play as of late has gotten a lot better but well I just not a fan. I think Salary wise he’s over priced and I think we have other guys in the system that can fill his role.

- Patrick O’Sullivan – It’s really to bad that Eric Cole couldn’t be on this years version of the Oilers because I think he would have succeeded. Last years team had too many internal issues so you really can’t blame him for all of it. I was really disipointed in the trade that sent him back to the Hurricanes and brought O’Sullivan here (via the Kings). A few years ago guys like Don Cherry were raving about this kid but he’s on his 3rd team and will…we’re still waiting. Something just don’t smell right with this guy. If his contract was up at the end of the year then I would say walk. Unfortunately it’s not so we have to do a trade or a buy out. I just hope there’s another team willing to take the chance on him.

Shawn Horcoff – I really like his play as of late and he belongs on the second line. He’s quit trying to skate through 3 defenders and has started dumping the puck in. I’m loving it. Keep it up and I’ll have to quit nagging him but if an offer came along to dump his 7 million dollar contract (5.5 mil cap hit over 6 years) do it.

Ales Hemsky – Well I’ve never been sold on Hemsky and this season is further prove that he might not be as good for the team as Hyped. I have to believe that he’s really just not that true superstar player. I feel he’s more like Kristian Huselius. He has some slick moves and can put up points but… well… do we really need him to win??? If you believe that then check the Oilers record with out him in the line up this year.

More importantly he’s the one player on this team that we might be able to get rid of and not have to worry about taking salary back in return. He’s gone for the year but come the off season… Hemsky for Picks??? Anyone? Anyone?

I think it would work.

Other notes…

- Have I mentioned Horcoff is playing great….ON THE SECOND LINE. Just wanted to make sure.

- Robert Nilson is playing way better and I really like his back checking moves…when he uses them. I really hope that he is finally getting it.

- Is Souray really off??? He’s just not him self since coming back from the concussion.

Poor, poor Tiger

Well he’s not really poor but he’s sure done everything to screw himself. Three word guy…”I Did It”. This whole thing would have been long done if you had said that but no. Dump, Dump, Dump. Don’t suppose you have a cousin that wears number 3 and plays for the flames, eh???
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hello? The comment is empty.... i dont feel like typing that again..argh
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"JJD is proving the critics wrong and coming up with a lot of big saves."Shouldn't it be JDD?
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Your right about quite a few things in my opinion......especially Hemsky.....Nobody here can play effectively with him.....probably because, even he doesn't know what he's gonna do next.......he almost always over thinks the play and he refuses to just shoot the puck on most night. He does get a lot of points some people will argue, but so would Storitini if he was always on the ice too.
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