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(Trade Day Mishaps)

After last night, the Atlanta Thrashers management team have to be sitting there and wondering; what just happened? After giving up a big part of their future in Glen Metropolit, two first rounder’s (2007,2008), a second rounder (2007) and a third rounder (2008) for Keith Tkachuck, it’s a wonder GM’s chose to give up so much and fail at the gamble. The Thrashers also gave up on a promising Braydon Coburn for a veteran defenseman in Alexei Zhitnik. Both these moves looked to have been good one’s, except when it counted; the playoffs. At the time of the trade deadline some fans of teams (Ottawa and Buffalo) were not willing to mortgage the future to obtain an overpriced veteran. They felt a big backlash from fans then, but now those fans may be eating their words.

On the eve of Thursday April 20th, 2007, many teams who pulled off the big one are about to have early exits. Nashville has been pushed to the brink and after giving up Scottie Upshall, Ryan Parent and two early round picks in 2007 for Peter Forsberg, they too may be wondering; should they have done it. As a matter of fact, Forsberg may not even be returning to the Predators next season. It was thought then to be a big gamble and now it appears to be a losing one.

To another pick up that was very much publicized on Trade Deadline Day. The Gary Roberts show! Ottawa fans all but chastised their GM (John Muckler) for not pulling off this trade. Muckler refused to give up the two apparent young prospects being sought for Roberts, a forty-one year old character veteran. Tonight, the Penguins, who may not have given up as much as other teams, are one loss away from being eliminated by those same Ottawa Senators who chose to bypass on acquiring Roberts. Could it be that John Muckler was one of the better GM’s this season?

The 2007 N.H.L. playoffs may teach one significant lesson to GM’s attempting to sign the big fish at the deadline. Is mortgaging your future worth attempting to better your chance at the Cup? And is that chance going to pay off? If this season has anything to do with it, trade deadlines in the future, may not be so eventful???
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April 19, 2007 2:16 PM ET | Delete
I think in some instances it doesn't matter. In the case of Atlanta, they'd be looking for a new GM right now if they hadn't made the playoffs, so not pulling the trade trigger in the name of building for the future wasn't an option. A GM who isn't going to be there for the future doesn't care. It may not have been the best for the franchise, but with a talented team on the verge of the playoffs, and a GM whose job is on the line, those trades are going to be made, it's just the reality of things.
April 20, 2007 12:04 PM ET | Delete
Glen Metropolit was not part of Atlanta's future. He's a 32 year old UFA and they only lose one first round draft pick unless they choose to resign Tkachuk, which they probably will not do.But your premise is correct. GM's next season are really going to look back at Tkachuk, Roberts, Forsberg, Guerin, etc and assess what those teams gave up and whether any of those guys put their teams over the top.
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