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Script writers and media people alike, couldn’t have wished for a better, more exciting match-up, that the one being brought by the Ottawa Senators and Buffalo Sabres. Not only is their an obvious dislike for one another, but the match-up will also boast two of the most potent offences in the N.H.L.. The two teams do not need any fuel to light their fires, both teams appear ready and willing for the challenge about to be presented to them. A lot of the hype is being drawn upon the fact that the Sabres eliminated the favored Ottawa Senators close to a year ago this day, on that infamous short-handed overtime tally by Jason Pomminville. That being said, you won’t find any of today’s Ottawa Senators, willing and wanting to speak about it. They are a new team, a new breed and most of all, focused.

This series also brings a rivalry of two of the hottest and up and coming goaltenders in the league. Both men (Ray Emery and Ryan Miller) play a steady and exciting game and also bring an indescribable ora to the venue. Both teams also can roll 4 lines effectively, with the nod by a fraction, going the way of the Sabres, for the simple fact all 4 lines can be dangerous. The same can be said for the Ottawa Senators, but most of their offence comes from their top line of Spezza, Heatley and Alfredsson. Dany Heatley led all scorers with 18 points in the 8 match-ups this season, very impressive totals. This series could be Dany Heatley’s for the taking and to once and for all, prove he’s a bonefide superstar.

The Ottawa Senators have shown that their team defence is something to be reckoned with, by shutting down the New Jersey Devils and Pittsburgh Penguins both in five games. The pairing of Chris Phillips and Anton Volchenkov are being revered as the top shut down tandem in hockey and justifiably so. Each game the tandem is put up against the top scoring line of each team, this is where the like of Wade Redden and Andre Meszaros will be expected to elevate their game, as the Buffalo Sabres boast basically a number 1a, 1b and 1c line. You know that they will not be kept in check all series, but they will attempt to contain them enough to so their own damage.

The excitement and anticipation for this series started the day the Sabres eliminated the New York Rangers. Fans from both sides could be heard defending their team and boasting that they will come out victorious. It’s anybodies guess who will come out of this series the winner, but rest assured, this series will be a war.

Prediction: Sens in 6 HARD fought games
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I have a feeling if the series is rough, it'll be Ottawa in 6 or 7, if it's run and gun and the rough stuff isn't in the forefront, I see Buffalo taking it... Before I get lambasted...I'm not saying that Buffalo isn't tough, i just think Ottawa is tougher and it suits their game better.I have a case riding on this series (which we predicted before the playoffs started) Go OTTAWA
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