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When the Ottawa Senators take the ice tonight, not only can they put their opponents up against the wall, but take once step closer to silencing the critics. It is well known how the media and fans (both loyal and of other teams) feel about the Senators, but this is the chance they’ve been waiting for since 2003. In 2003, the last time the Ottawa Senators made it to the Conference Finals and losing out in a 7 game series against these same New Jersey Devils. Albeit, the teams have a majority of new faces, game plans and coaches, the media still reminisce about that series.

The last thing the Ottawa Senators want to do is have the series even up headed back to New Jersey. Game four will be the most important game of the series, as they attempt to put a real strangle hold on the series. For the Devils, they live and die with Martin Brodeur and he has done everything but walk on water this series. The Sens need to get to him early and often. As well, they need to stay out of the box and eliminate any defensive zone giveaways that they tend to have at certain times. However, it must be stated just how sound a game the Senators have been playing. Their relentless fore check and ability to roll four lines effectively have all but kept the Devils offence at bay. If they can continue along the same life line, they will be just fine.

After the last game, Ray Emery has to be filled with confidence. Albeit, he didn’t face much in the way of scoring chances, he still was solid as can be and did make some very good saves. Tonight’s game may very well rest on the shoulders of the young goalkeeper and all signs point to him being ready for the challenge. His opponent is unflappable and a legend in the making, so how could he not be ready for the challenge. The Scotiabank Place will be rocking again, it’s was a pleasure to see this place come alive with electricity and silence another of the many criticisms’ surrounding this organization. If you can get up for this, then you mustn’t be breathing!

Today is Game Day! Let’s get it on! Let’s BE RED!!!

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