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The Sean Avery fiasco

Posted 8:34 PM ET | Comments 3
The entire Sean "Sloppy Seconds" Avery saga is fascinating stuff, especially with a suspension for just spoken word and stupid comments. I looked in the current law dictionary and their is no definition for the term "sloppy seconds". The term could have multiple meanings and by itself is not a vulgarity as defined by the "7 dirty words".

Many have commented on the statements that Avery disrespected Elisha Cuthbert by perhaps insinuating that her new boyfriends are getting "sloppy seconds". I would argue that her celebrity promiscuity and multiple dating partners might in fact open her up to being a non follower of the celibacy doctrine as well as the same public ridicule that many are attacking Avery with.

It is also intriguing that none of the former girlfriends have defended themselves, nor have their current boyfriends defended their honor. Belittling women and other players relationships is uncalled for in any context, however suspension worthy in light that no criminal laws have been broken and their was no injuries suffered as a result is a over-reaction by Bettman and his cronies.

Bettman caved in to public perception and the attack frenzy that engulfed the hockey universe as well as non-hockey American media. I wish Bettman would have dished out appropriate punishments in the past for other players guilty of far more damaging actions where actual laws were broken and lives destroyed forever rather then just reacting to the court of public opinion.

I wonder if the suspension is solely on this incident or just the general dislike of the man by the NHL community.

The final chapter of this saga is yet to be written however it will be very interesting to see how the union supports Avery if the Dallas Star do in fact try to destroy his hockey career

Nothing forced Dallas to sign Sean Avery to a multi-million dollar, multi-year deal, and his persona has been known for years. If Dallas does indeed admit they made a mistake I hope the person(s) who decided to sign Avery is fired immediately. Avery should not suffer alone for his actions, because management should have been aware that such an event of some sort was inevitable.

Many "hate" Sean Avery, but is what he said so out of line with what is said every day in workplaces across North America on an everyday basis or even what is yelled at him from the seats when he is playing on the ice??

Before we all hammer Avery for his stupidity everyone should look at themselves the next time they say a single thing about another person or player in their life.
December 6, 2008 12:44 PM ET | Delete
Good job Watson. And you're right about everyone's need to look at themselves before 'casting the first stone' so to speak. I view the suspension as a kind of 'lifetime achievement' award for Avery. It's the NHL finally telling him they are sick of his act. The other piece that makes this issue different from other suspendable offenses is that it was not done during the heat of a game, and it was premeditated. Few, if any players wake up in the morning thinking "I am going to cross the line today". But Avery did in this case. He had been planning this ahead of time, and despite knowing it was wrong, did it anyway.
December 6, 2008 10:37 PM ET | Delete
Avery is the one who has destroyed his own career. No apologists needed for that. All such misogynistic behaviour should be punishable -- it would be in most other jobs. The comments of Avery are very different in one important respect -- they were spoken for public consumption. And that is a huge difference. He obviously has 'manhood' issues to be speaking about women in such a way -- and we, the public, have no need to hear any of it. Sorry to say this, but Avery deserves every bit of hammering he may get -- he's more than earned it. C'mon...racist comments, anti-French comments, anti -women comments...isn't that just about more than enough? I'll accept his anti- Iginla and anti-Phaneuf comments because they're hockey directed. The other stuff is not and must be stopped. To re-iterate my main point: it is Avery himself (and no one else) who has destroyed his career.
December 7, 2008 11:51 PM ET | Delete
I think the content had minimal impact. It seemed to me the planned-out grandstanding douchebaggery was the final straw for the NHL and apparently for his teammates. He can take his whopping 15 goals to Russia.
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