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No Ground Beef Allowed

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Welcome to the No Ground Beef allowed Blog, I believe it is self explainitory....

Ok, most of you know that I am not a part of tank nation even though I know finishing as low in the standings gives the team a better chance at finding the next one. I just can't hope for a loss, can't do it, tried it, got sick to my stomach, end of story.

However that being said, the Leafs are entering what could probably be the toughest part of the schedule starting tonight versus the Boston Bruins. The rest of the schedule is as follows, Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Montreal, New Jersey, Buffalo and Ottawa. 4 games against teams that are cruising at high speed, 2 games vs teams that are trying hard for 8th and 1 agaisnt the other Ontaraio team.

With this team it is hard to predict what record will be in these last 7 games, but its not inconcievable for the team to finish 1 and 6 or 2 and 5.

If they win 2 of the final 7 this will give the Leafs 79 points.

Ottawa Senators next 3 games are against the Thrashers, Lightning, and Panthers, 3 very possible wins, then Boston and Philadelphia, lets call them losses. Montreal is a toss up but because the Habs are in a fight, they have more incentive to win, I'm going to give this to them. The remaining games are, Boston, and Toronto, for arguments sake they go 0 and 2 here. Under this scenario the Leafs finish with 79 and the Sens 80.

LA Kings: Nashville, Dallas, Phoenix, Phoenix, Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, and San Jose. If LA can go 4 and 4 this gives the Kings 80 points :D

6: Toronto
5: Who cares
4: Who Cares
3: Who Cares
2: Who Cares
1: Who Cares

Leafs win the Lottery

6: Who Cares
5: Who Cares
4: Who Cares
3: Who Cares
2: Toronto
1: Who Cares

SO long story short, there is still a slim hope for Tank Nation.


March 28th, 2009 Boston @ Toronto

Pogge in net, this should give Justin a hard workout against a high powered Bruins team. Discuss the pre, durring and post game here, and please remember,

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March 28, 2009 11:46 AM ET | Delete
Who cares!
March 28, 2009 12:10 PM ET | Delete
Nice post Amoroq . Good job!!
March 28, 2009 1:16 PM ET | Delete
Thanks, my hope though, is fading that we can use this to talk about our team raher then commit 1000 posts to usual leafs blog. Somehow have to get the word out to people.
March 28, 2009 8:20 PM ET | Delete
Looks like no Leaf fans out there tonight. No one's here or in the usual berger blog.
March 29, 2009 7:38 AM ET | Delete
Another option, Atlanta. Their remaining games, Buffalo, Florida, Washington, Washington, Florida, and Tampa. If they can get at minimum, 3 wins and 3 OT/SO losses, they would tie the Leafs in points but would have more wins, placing the Leafs in 5th. Of course the leafs would need to have a record of 2 wins and 4 regulation losses.Chances of this all happening are slim, but hey Tank Nation has been sucking on the slim teet since last seasons trade deadline ;)
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