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In my last blog I mentioned the dream job that I had growing up in my home town of Toronto. I sold ice cream bars in the house the Conn Smythe built.

It was rare that I would get a chance to work the golds, this was a usually a position held for the more senior people, but on a few occasions I ended up here. On one such occasion the section of golds I worked was right next to Ballards bunker. About mid-way through the game Mr. Ballard waived me over, he wanted an ice cream bar for him and King Clancy. I handed over 2 bars and waited for the money, he told me he didn't have any cash on him and that he would call the consesions manager and let him know not to short me 2 bars off my commission. At the end of the night while cashing out I mentioned this but Ballard never called so the cost of the 2 missing bars came out of my end.

A few weeks later I found myself working the same section and again was called over to Ballards bunker, but this time by King Clancy. He handed me a fiver and said "This is for those 2 bars we got off you a while back, and keep the change" That was it, nothing else was said, Harold was there and just gave me a blank cold stare.

Most on here have probably heard the Name Harold Ballard but don't really know the kind of man he was. In Leaf Nation he is known as the anti-christ! He was a miserable old man who cared very little about anyone but himself.

Here is a clip of Ballard being interviewed by Barbara Frum and Richard Beddoes


Harold Ballard Bio http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harold_Ballard

Over the years I've threatened to host a piss on Ballards grave party but never got around to it. The cemetery is near Park Lawn in the west end of Toronto.

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August 19, 2007 9:36 AM ET | Delete
hey buddy great column Ballard years were well known with Daryl Sittler, and the rest of the Leafs really good read. This blog brings back many sad years for my self in the Ballard reign of tear. Again a great read, keep blogging.Flamestr
August 19, 2007 6:59 PM ET | Delete
Nicely done. Exactly the sort of small, but very telling story that illuminates a man or an issue.
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