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No Ground Beef Allowed

Posted March 28, 2009
Welcome to the No Ground Beef allowed Blog, I believe it is self explainitory.... Ok, most of you know that I am not a part of tank nation even though I know finishing as low in the standings gives the team a better chance at finding the next one. I just can't hope for a loss, can't do it, tried it, got sick to my stomach, end of story. However that being said, the Leafs are entering wh... Read More »


Posted August 30, 2007
A rant The other day I was at my local druggist, I was in desperate need of a certain ointment! Joking! The First thing I saw was a great big display for Halloween! HALLOWEEN! I kid you not, the date was August 16th, and they have Halloween displays already! A shiver went from the top of my head to the tips of my toes. Halloween for me means the beginning of a time of year I like to... Read More »

My encounter with the Devil himself!

Posted August 19, 2007
In my last blog I mentioned the dream job that I had growing up in my home town of Toronto. I sold ice cream bars in the house the Conn Smythe built. It was rare that I would get a chance to work the golds, this was a usually a position held for the more senior people, but on a few occasions I ended up here. On one such occasion the section of golds I worked was right next to Ballards bunker.... Read More »
Paul Henderson scored the game winning goal in the final game of the Summit Series? I do, it was the day that hockey grabbed me by the shorts and is still taking me for a ride this day. I was born and bred in Toronto, and even though I was just growing into a leaf fan I wasn't quite there yet. On September 28th, 1972, my dad and I were waiting on the Long Branch platform for the Go train to tak... Read More »

In a Galaxy far far away....

Posted August 15, 2007
In a galaxy far far......oh the hell with that. Everyone knows the Leafs haven't won a cup in 40 years but did you know that only 15 other teams since 1967 have won the cup in that 40 year period? Yep thats right only 15 different teams have won the cup in a 40 year period. The New York Rangers went 54 years before winning it in 94. The Detroit Red Wings endured 42 years of futility and cur... Read More »

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