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"Cuz Mark Evans Says"
Halifax, NS • Canada •

Donald S Cherry

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What a guy! Isn't he beautiful?!

I have chosen to write my next blog about one of my favourite sports personalities of all time.

Nothing irritates me more then people who constantly berate and chastise Don Cherry when they don't even know the guy.

Off-screen, what does Don do? Spends his time helping the hockey community in every way he can. He visits hospitals, will personally visit troubled fans at their residence, he donates countless hours and money to a wide variety of charities.

What a bad guy, huh?

Oh, and he loves Canada, and everything about our country.

He stands up publicly for our men and women at war, our police officers, etc.

"But he promotes fighting, he is evil."

"He is a bigot"

Its funny how someone will watch Boxing and MMA, then complain about fighting in hockey. Then when you confront them on it, they have all these "but, but" type of reasons on why hockey fight are so much more immoral, without being able to seperate them from the other contact sports.

Concussion, an area Mr. Cherry predicted years ago...

Get ride of the rock hard gear!!!

Less armour, less chance of those idiots who like to run around are going to take the risky shots, especially if they might hurt themselves.

No touch icing, another request of Mr. Cherry.

"But he doesn't like the french." Some whine...

Newsflash... The french aren't big fans of the english too!

Case in point; Montreal's fan-base up in arms because they hired a english coach...

Are all Montreal fans bigots too?

The truth of the matter, the people who complain about Don Cherry really know nothing about him, aside from a few hear-say comments. They are usually 'no-it-all' people who love to do nothing more then complain, and hear their own voices.

If you don't like Mr. Cherry, then don't watch him. Fact of the matter is, his ratings are amongst the best at CBC... Why else do you think he is still there??

Demand and Supply.

Hey Don, if you read this, I hope your on air for another 30 years! No one will ever be able to fill your shoes when you hang 'em up!

Cheers from Nova Scotia!
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