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"Cuz Mark Evans Says"
Halifax, NS • Canada •
Why is it that media and the rest of the hockey world seems to consistently overlook Ian White?

So far this year, he has helped his team put pucks in the net(16 Pts), helped his team keep pucks out of their own net ( 49 Blocked Shots, +11 ) , and most of all, he comes to work hard each and every game. (Which he averages 22:40 ToI\G.)

To have 16 points and be a plus eleven on a defensively porous team, such as the Toronto Maple Leafs, is quite an impressive feat. Especially as a defencemen.

Yet every time someone talks about ‘top 4’ defencemen on the Maple Leafs, everyone automatically defaults to Kaberle, Beauchemin, Komisarek, and Schenn. Based on play this year alone, only Kaberle can really be conisdered to be more valuable on defence then Ian White. Beauchemin appears to be righting the ship on his rough start, however, you still cannot discount White’s impressive work .

One would assume Ian White is just having a quiet break-out year. Yet, last year, same story. Decent point production as a defencemen and he helped keep pucks out of the Leafs net. He led the team with a plus-6 rating, and was amongst the team leaders in hits, blocked shots, and time on ice.

If I were Brian Burke, I would be making it a priority to sign Ian White long term before his market value sky rockets.

I will admit, it wasn’t until this year during the pre-season that my eyes were truly opened.

My wife asked my earlier in the year who I would want to get on a Leafs jersey, should Santa decide to bring me one.

My first reaction was “Does it have to be a current Leaf?”

I mean, really, there were no glaring selections. Maybe Kabs or Schenn. However, Kaberle was supposedly being shopped around, and Schenn was still to young to decide on. I didn’t want to jump the gun. Kessel wasn’t even a thought as that point. Although he maybe by the end of the year.

So over a few cold ones one weekend, my buddy and I were watching a pre-season game and I decided to look up some stats on the ‘newest’ Leafs. I accidentally clicked on White, but upon seeing his statistics, I was pleasantly surprised.

I didn’t realize the impressive season he had quietly put together in 08-09.

I had already liked Ian White as a hockey player due to the way he played the game. Blue collar hockey, and the intensity that has been missed since Darcy Tucker was banished. Not to mention the ‘stache’ was real hit as well.

This sealed the deal. My eyes were opened, and the decision was made.... I want a ‘White’ #7 as my next Leafs jersey!

Am I alone here?
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