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"Cuz Mark Evans Says"
Halifax, NS • Canada •

Donald S Cherry

Posted January 8, 2012
What a guy! Isn't he beautiful?! I have chosen to write my next blog about one of my favourite sports personalities of all time. Nothing irritates me more then people who constantly berate and chastise Don Cherry when they don't even know the guy. Off-screen, what does Don do? Spends his time helping the hockey community in every way he can. He visits hospitals, will personally visit t... Read More »

Call of Duty 9: Hockey Warfare 1

Posted January 7, 2012
Grab your pen and paper parents.... Next Christmas's number #1 hit will be the next edition in Activision's première video game series... Call of Duty 9: Hockey Warfare 1!! I am stoked!! Activision has sent me a few prototype trailers, and it is appears to be the real thing!! So like the preceding editions of this game, you take on the views of varios facets of the big picture. The plot... Read More »

Ian White: The most under-rated Leaf

Posted December 10, 2009
Why is it that media and the rest of the hockey world seems to consistently overlook Ian White? So far this year, he has helped his team put pucks in the net(16 Pts), helped his team keep pucks out of their own net ( 49 Blocked Shots, +11 ) , and most of all, he comes to work hard each and every game. (Which he averages 22:40 ToI\G.) To have 16 points and be a plus eleven on a defensively p... Read More »


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