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First off I'm a huge fan of picking up Comeau, as Mike Rogers pointed out on the radio this afternoon the only bad season Comeau had in Bridgeport was under the current isles head coach.

On the topic of coaches...

I really don't know what to say about Brent, I believe he is the coach to do the job, but if the teams not listening to him somethings gotta break and their are more players then coaches.

Onto the players! Roster! and the bomb!

Couple parts to this one: 1. current players, 2. current prospects, 3. wishlist

1. Until today I felt Feaster should blow the roster to bits, trade Iginla and Kipper. Watching the first period changed that today, Iginla was trying hard, but the guys around him weren't helping out.

I don't think that Iggy and kipper should be traded, not yet at least...

The past few games I have been pretty disgusted by Glencross, we all know the slash that ruined the slim chance in Detroit. With about 5 mins left in the St. Louis game Brodie took three hits to get the puck outta the zone, it went to Glencross at centre, who lazily flipped it to the Blues Dman not allowing Brodie to get off (Glencross did change at this juncture).

Jay Bo has been huge disappointment but he really doesn't look like a winner, yes he's a great skater, but he's not physical, doesn't join in scrums unless someone engages him, and never shows emotion.

I would do a overhaul of the middle of the roster before you give away your once in a generation player in Iginla and the best goalie in Franchise history.

I'd like to see the 2nd line get traded, moss, Morrison, Sarich, and Jay bo Traded.

Iginla and Tanguay will get it together eventually this year, I haven't seen enough of Stepniak to make an opinion on him yet. Recall Nemisz, and Bouma, and add some youth to the line up and see what happens.

2. Onto the prospects!

Quick hits, Brodie is looking pretty awesome right now, Horak has been less impressive lately but thats true of the whole team.

Irving is the top goalie in the AHL right now, so anyone thinking the flames should trade for a new goalie you can probably put that on hold for now.
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