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The Price for Iggy...

Posted 8:37 PM ET | Comments 0
The rumors of Iginla to Boston have me frightened, Iginla was traded for Joe Newendyk a franchise cornerstone player for a franchise cornerstone player. This is arguably the most important trade in Franchise history (other possibility is Theo Fluery).

If the flames do not get Dougie Hamilton, or Tyler Seguin from the Bruins it is not enough.

A good prospect, a secondary prospect and a late 1st is not adequate compensation.

For the record I do not believe Seguin will be traded, leaving only one player as acceptable compensation.

As a secondary note, I would rather have 1 great player in return rather than 3 good ones (Flames fans will all remember and groan about the last time they did a multiple players for a Franchise player Leafs fans enjoy your victory)
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