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Pommer on the Move?

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Calgary and Buffalo, Buffalo and Calgary just another match made in heaven. Whether trading for Drury or just recently trading for Regher these two teams have come to accommodate each either. Whether it is a mutual hatred for Edmonton or long lost sister cities they getter done. Now it is rumored that they are not finished. What could they be up too?
Everyone in Buffalo begins with Iginla. Who would it be for Calgary, Myers? Now that both sides refute trading either player let's take a closer look. According to Eklund, Calgary is set on their end it is the Buffalo side procrastinating. On his previous blog Eklund states:

According to a few sources tonight, the Flames think they are close to a deal with buffalo that would help both teams out, but there may be a player involved who isn't so keen on the trade."

Could that person be Jason Pominville? Uneasy because he has two young kids and does not wish to uproot his family. Who would he be traded for? How much value does he have after the concussion and deep calf wound. There has been no word on his recovery. Pominville was an iron man before his concussion and subsequent leg injury. He has scored 20 or more goals the past three season but his point totals have gone down each season. He is considered part of the core of the team. This would not be good if it's just a cost cutting move. It also doesn't fit Pegula's MO.
I am thinking Buffalo is the minor part and the Islanders are the key. Calgary needs to win yesterday and the guy they need is Nabakov. Having the two headed monster of old gives Calgary the possibility of a shutout every night. Throw in Okposo and the Islanders get Jay Bowmeester. The Sabres will move Shoane Morrison to the Flames for a fifth rounder and you have the player who asked for the trade which is now granted. I know people want Iginla and who doesn't but that price would be Pominville and Stafford just to open the negotiations and sacrficing that depth makes you stop and think. In the end you don't sign normally sign players to long term deals then trade them. I could be stuck in the old Buffalo mindset. The Sabres will not be mawkish and go for it. The price will be more than we want to pay but less than Calgary wants which is usually the way.
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