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Welcome, <p>I have been reading every blog about the end of this season and the beginning of hope, along with all of you and thought I would throw my own hat in the ring. I will start at the Trade Deadline. <p>ASSETS<p> <p><p> <p>RW Chris Stewart--<p> Alone might be worth a second round pick. He has appeared to have been a passenger for most of the year but has erupted (so to speak) 4 points in 4 games, all assists and added some power play points since the All Star break. He can be truculent and has no fear dropping the gloves, see Milan Lucic. If he had a more productive year or at least consistent year many would push just to resign him, but we have learned what St. Louis knows, he cannot be relied upon, so on the trade market he goes. Teams interested BOSTON, CALGARY, Islanders?<p> <p>C/W Torrey Mitchell--<p> He is the quintessential 4th liner on a good team. He skates well, kills penalties, wins face-offs and can chip in the occasional offense. He will not be mistaken for Paul Gaustad nor will he get you a 1st round pick, but he has value for a team looking for depth and could score you a 3rd -4th round pick alone depending on where said interested party is drafting and we are missing a 3rd round pick. Teams Interested RANGERS, CAPITALS, Ducks, Sharks, Lightning?<p> <p>G Michal Neuvirth--<p> <p>Competed for the starting job and won be default as Enroth was traded. Still has potential and has had some good games and some disasters as is expected for the quality of team in front of him. He is still a UFA and must be moved to get some value as Tim Murray would say. Again looking at a 3rd or 4th round pick by himself to provide depth for a playoff team. Teams Interested Islanders, Capitals, Ducks, Sharks <p> <p>D Andrej Meszaros--<p> The former Ottawa 1st round pick has been the perfect place holder for the Sabres. Overpaid, inconsistent, and will not be missed. He has shown some improvement over the last couple of games where he has not bee noticed which is good for a defenseman, but at $4.25 million, Murray will have to eat 1/2 the salary and hope to get a 4th round pick, when someone's defense gets banged up. Teams Interested Islanders, Lightning, Ducks, Sharks<p> <p>D Andre Benoit--<p> Another place holder but scored a goal so he has more value than He Who Shall Not be Named, Ville Leino. At 31, he is probably looking at another bottom feeder or AHL/KHL bound. Looking for a 5/6th round pick if anything. Could be a throw in on a deal for the valued assets. rnrnD Tyson Strachan--Slower than Benoit, but plays a grinding style and can drop the gloves. Also has an AHL or KHL future, but his physicality may get him on a team for the playoff push.<p> <p>C/W Matt Ellis--<p> The guy everyone roots for, and can play a physical brand of hockey. Can generate a good 4th line fast crash and bang style to a team that needs a no nonsense veteran. He has chipped in the odd playoff goal. I would think a team could have him for the flight over and he would be resigned by the Sabres to continue to mentor the Amerks next season.<p> <p>RW Pat Kaleta--<p> <p>Unfortunately injured, he may actually have value for a playoff team looking for a goon that is good on the PK and can agitate to perfection. He can also be a the guy that takes out an opponents star player and is suspended for the playoffs like Raffi Torres on Marian Hossa. If you argue teams don't look for these guys come playoff time, then why do they keep getting traded and keep getting jobs. Not saying the Sabres will get much, but teams still need their goons. Teams Interested: Boston, Sharks, Calgary, Canucks<p><p> <p> <p> <p>Summation:<p> <p><p>I think the name of the game is Packaged Value moving forward with the Sabres. I am not sure if a #1 is still available to be had, but projectable prospects are definitely out there. The mission is to identify players that can compete for spots on the NHL roster or add depth to areas where we need to add numbers in order to facilitate a better talent pool. Scoring wingers, especially right wingers, goalies and physical defenseman would be nice additions to an already deep prospect pool. <p>Next blog I will address the end of the season and what we can hope to see and who should gets some shots with the big club.<p> <p>Thank you for your consideration.<p>
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