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Every week I do a radio show here at Michigan Tech University talking sports with my partner Kevin. The show runs from noon-2pm on 91.9 WMTU FM. This week is obviously our playoff special for the NHL. Talk on the Eastern Conference was heated and exciting with ultimately similar results, and the Western Conference is next up. Below are the results, and if you're interested in listening in check out http://wmtu.mtu.edu and click Listen.

Eastern Conference Predictions
Kevin - Buffalo over New York in seven
Mike - Buffalo over New York in five

Kevin - New Jersey over Tampa Bay in five
Mike - Tampa Bay over New Jersey in seven

Kevin - New York over Atlanta in six
Mike - New York over Atlanta in six

Kevin - Pittsburgh over Ottawa in five
Mike - Pittsburgh over Ottawa in seven

Western Conference Predictions
Now covering the West it has to be pointed out that the home team in head-to-head matchups between playoff teams has the home team winning 15 of the 16 games with the only loss a shootout loss.

Kevin - Detroit over Calgary in six
Mike - Detroit over Calgary in five

Mike - Minnesota over Anaheim in six
Kevin - Anaheim over Minnesota in seven

Kevin - Dallas over Vancouver in six
Mike - Vancouver over Dallas in seven

Mike - Nashville over San Jose in seven
Kevin - San Jose over Nashville in six
April 11, 2007 1:18 PM ET | Delete
Pittsburgh is the sexy pick of the playoffs this year it seems. It will be interesting to see how Crosby responds to the increased physical play in the playoffs.
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