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Now before I get flamed by every single Sabres fan on Earth this is just an opinion I've formed after watching the Sabres take out the Isles in 5 games.

The Sabres are incredibly talented, they are loaded with offense and have a pretty good back end to boot. But, they didn't run away with this series as much as some Sabres fans (and again I''m not painting them all with the same brush) think they did. Yes at times the Sabres skated circles around the Isles. But the Isles were (and most will tend to agree) the worst team in the playoffs this year, and the Sabres never blew them out. They won game one by 3 and game 4 by 2, but the other games were 1 goal. And tonight they almost blew a 3 goal lead with less than 10 minutes to play. The Islanders only just barely cracked the 30 shot barrier twice in the series and they still remained tight with the Sabres score-wise the entire game.

After this round I'm not overly convinced the Sabres are the powerhouse that was predicted to roll to the Cup by so many. What will happen when the Sabres line up against a team that is a dynamo offensively, like Tampa Bay or defensively like New Jersey? Will Miller and the D be able to deal with 35 shots a night? Or score enough/defend well enough during games where they themselves are only held to 20 shots? I don't know.
But the series against the Islanders has got me thinking that Sabres fans shouldn't be planning a parade route quite yet.

Fighting Ferret
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April 20, 2007 11:10 PM ET | Delete
I'll let the favorite mantle fall to Ottawa. Its ok by me. You did not see the best effort from the Sabres. But, they did enough to win.
April 21, 2007 12:10 AM ET | Delete
I'd put the favorite label on the Sabres still it just won't be as easy as some and even I believed before this series played out (I did pick them to sweep). With that said if Brodeur keeps playing the way he played tonight watch out for NJ!
April 21, 2007 1:08 AM ET | Delete
to be honest no Sabres fan in his right mind will plan a parade..we have had our hearts broken more times than any other team in the entire NHL..that said, I am willing to bet the Sabres are going to get stronger as each round passes
April 21, 2007 2:06 PM ET | Delete
Sure it wasnt as impressive as people wanted. but they still won teh series in only 5 games. and the islanders played desperation hockey last night especially in the third. i think some will even say that they have been playing desperate the past month already... give the sabres a break. still won in 5 games... as much as the playoffs and the regular season are different seasons. look back at the regular season matchups with the lightning and devils. anyone in their right mind knows the closer matchup was the devils, but we still has their number. Brodeur always get run down at the end of the season... thats been a fact as of so far. he hasnt played good at all this series. last night was his best game in atleast a month. have no worries. sabres will keep on keeping on.
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