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"I'm Not Dead Yet!"

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I'm guessing that it is a safe bet that I wouldn't want to be Timmy P from the Philly Enquirer today. If I was a real female dog, I'd email him (again) and remind him (again) that Roenick's text message retirement announcement was never confirmed.

But I'll be a good girl.

I'll just email him the article from The Hockey News instead.

And it must be a full moon, the Arizona Repulsive even published it. And they rarely print ANY hockey news, not even local.

Roenick says he's not done, yet
Timothy Gorman
The Arizona Republic
Jul. 16, 2007 01:02 PM

Jeremy Roenick is not retiring from the NHL. Not yet anyway.

Responding to a media inquiry, his agent, Neil Abbott, said in a statement that Roenick has made no final decision for next season and will wait to make a formal announcement "in the next few weeks."

The Philadelphia Inquirer, citing a text message from Roenick, reported earlier this month that Roenick was retiring five goals shy of 500 for his NHL career.

"Due to the recent untimely death of his father-in-law, he will not be responding to any media requests at this time," the statement read. " . . . He thanks you for your understanding and cooperation and is very appreciative for the many hundreds of positive messages he has received from fans and friends the past two weeks."

Roenick's father-in-law, Richard R. Vazza Sr., was found dead on his yacht in Yarmouth Harbor, Mass. on Tuesday, July 10.

The Cape Cod Times reported that a Massachusetts State Police investigation revealed Vazza, 66, died of natural causes. Roenick and his wife Tracy, both grew up in Massachusetts.

Roenick notched 11 goals and 17 assists for the Coyotes last season, but his contract expired and Phoenix likely will not re-sign him.

The retirement announcement may or may not come in the next few weeks. But for the time being, at least, I am once again a happy hockey fan.
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