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Alain Vigneault - Vancouver Canucks

The NW is a cake walk of a division. 5 out of the 8 teams from the western conf. that made it into the playoffs had higher point totals than the NW divison winners the Canucks. Im not saying Vigneault and the Canucks didnt have a good season but there were obvious better choices for the award. Also i dont see how Randy Carlisle the coach of the Stanley Cup Champions Anaheim Ducks wasnt even nominated. He took his team the a franchise best points and wins this season. The powers that be that decide the winners really let myself and others down on this award
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June 15, 2007 2:53 PM ET | Delete
o please and vigneault didn't take his team to franchise best in points and wins this season, I cant justify just giving the jack adams to the team with the best players it should go to the guy who doesn't have a full compliment of superstars but still manages to put up record breaking performances in the wins and points category. Carlise didn't have to push any buttons all season he and his team played the same style all season and it worked all season. What would have been the case if the offense dried up like vancouver's?? it would force him to actually coach .
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