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JV writes...

Kaberle's House Not For Sale

Posted Sunday | Comments 1
Quick question. Would you dig a hole if you didn't have enough dirt to fill it? That is precisely what Leaf management would be doing if they finally trade Tomas Kaberle when his no trade clause is lifted during the off season. Most leaf fans and Leaf reporters see it as a no brainer to rid themselves of # 15. Their points (somewhat valid) are as follows: (1).Kaberle will ...
thejonathans writes...

Rangers Offseason

Posted Tuesday | Comments 0
My two fave teams tied are the Rangers and the Islanders. i am writing about a possible NY Rangers offseason. they're going to start a rebuild, but who stays and who goes? i'd say Zuccarello is Definitely Staying, and even though McDonagh is a great player, i think it's time to trade him to Columbus for Pick number 3. The rangers need a 1st round pick, and the Blue Jackets...


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