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I know we've all heard about the Patrice Brisebois rumors but it has me wondering, why would Bob Gainey be looking to pay 700k of our remaining cap space to Patrice of all people. Check our current defesive line up: 1:Markov-Komisarek 2:Hamrlik-Streit(or Gorges) 3:Bouillon-Dandeneault The way I see it, we're better off with either of the two of our bottom three ...
Is it me or are Toronto and Montreal the two teams most known for recycling over the hill players resigning them when they are past their prime? Let me start by saying that from what I've been hearing, the Brisebois deal is a done deal. The only thing I can think of that could be good coming out of this deal is if now we somehow manage to get rid of Dandeneault or preferab...
Before I even start, I know that most Habs fans HATE the fact that Gainey is signing Brisebois... I'm not one of those. I am actually excited to have him back and think he could be a great asset for our team. Patrice was chased out of Montreal by the fans and the media, and it was not pretty, that is a fact. However, his homecoming could be better than most expect. ...


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