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Yet another inspiring and hard-fought Red Wings victory in the playoffs. Are the professional pundits [i]finally[/i] going to learn that the Wings ARE "physical enough" to get through this? Is anyone going to admit that the "Red Wings are too old" isn't going to fly anymore when the difference in average age between Detroit and Dallas is less than a year? No matter, rega...
Kinglove1 writes...

Osgood and the cup

Posted Thursday | Comments 0
This is a Great link...Very funny...PG13 rated. Whomever who put this on the attached website has a vivid imagination! http://www.theonion.com/content/news/chris_osgood_gets_to_third_base
Or, perhaps a better (but longer) question may be: [i]Is it possible for Howard to play just good enough for Detroit to win in game 7, but bad enough to put doubts in the minds of his teammates?[/i] Despite allowing 5 more goals to an incredibly weak Phoenix offense, it would be shocking to see Detroit change direction going into game 7. After all, it was largely Howard...
Sven22 writes...

A Case for Chris Osgood

Posted Wednesday | Comments 7929
Before you start making accusations: Yes, Chris Osgood is my avatar. Yes, I'm a Red Wings fan. Yes, that means I'm biased. But I am trying to be fair. And I do believe that Chris Osgood deserves to be in the hall of fame. Was he ever the best in the world at his position? No, but he was close (much closer, I think, than most people will give him credit for), and his num...


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