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Tonight Chris Drury looked to have scored an icing on the cake goal for the New York Rangers putting them up 4-1 in a series deciding game 5. However, New Jersey didn't die out as it seemed they would, they rallied to come within 1. At 4-3 Dubinsky scored in the empty net to clinch the series and put the Rangers up 5-3 in the game. Also securing Chris Drury's 16th GWG in t...
Is there any doubt now? Collberg is the best player in hockey. Who else could have pulled off that amazing deke? Certainly not Sidney Crosby. He is tearing the WJHC a new asshole with [b]4 goal[/b] and [b]two[/b] assists... Simply unheard of talent. He is just simply unstoppable there even rumours hes injured imagine if he was [b]100%[/b] He would be the best play...


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