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Is there any doubt now? Collberg is the best player in hockey. Who else could have pulled off that amazing deke? Certainly not Sidney Crosby. He is tearing the WJHC a new asshole with [b]4 goal[/b] and [b]two[/b] assists... Simply unheard of talent. He is just simply unstoppable there even rumours hes injured imagine if he was [b]100%[/b] He would be the best player in the [b]UNIVERSE[/b]... Read More »
The "Habs" lost 3-1 to Buffalo Tuesday night. So do you want the bad news or the good news? How about both... [b]Good News[/b] Now it's hard for anything good coming out of that game but there was a couple things I liked. [u]Carey Price [/u] Played amazing tonight making 37 saves on 39 shots but once again overpaid players who can't score and lack of effort made us lose. I know Price says... Read More »
Last night the Habs(16-20-7) lost 2-1 to the Bruins(28-11-1) but that wasn't the main story. less than 24 hours after Mike Cammalleri called the team a bunch of "Losers" he was nowhere to be seen in the 3rd period, the commentators thought he might have been injured. Then tweets from Dave stubbs, Mckenzie, Duthie said possibility that Cammalleri could have been traded. More tweets rolled in... Read More »


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