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jnamio writes...

Que Sera Sera

Posted Wednesday | Comments 0
I have always looked at this time of the year with mixed emotions. While it is exciting as a hockey fan to see teams retool, rebuild, or reinvent themselves, it is also a time of frustration, anger, and sadness. I am frustrated that my Blackhawks may still suck for yet another season because the ownership is cheaper than my little Italian Grandfather. And that is damned...
CaptShark writes...

To Compete Or To Not Compete

Posted Thursday | Comments 0
After last nights game we know what side of the line the Sharks are standing on right now. There is no tenacity in this team and the killer instinct does not exist. In fact if these Sharks were actually sharks in the real shark tank called the Pacific ocean not the Pacific division, they would starve themselves to death. San Jose should be feeding on teams like L.A., espec...
NYHippo writes...

Waiting for another win

Posted Monday | Comments 0
What will it take for the Flyers to win another game? While it seems like they are playing hard, they are making ton of mistakes. I guess you can't continue to win if you are getting out shot every week. Am I wrong or have we gotten out hit two games in a row by the Sabres!
All the attention of the Hockey World, it seems, is on the Toronto Maple Leafs, but there's now a disaster just two hours southwest. Someone told me it's the Curse of the Buffalo Bills that has inflicted this team. The moment they stepped on the ice at Ralph Wilson Stadium, they got a heavy dose of "We find ways to lose" injected into their bodies. Now I don't know if...


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