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After last nights game we know what side of the line the Sharks are standing on right now. There is no tenacity in this team and the killer instinct does not exist. In fact if these Sharks were actually sharks in the real shark tank called the Pacific ocean not the Pacific division, they would starve themselves to death. San Jose should be feeding on teams like L.A., especially with Cammaleri and Frolov out of the line up. The lack of hunger for the win in this team is now very apparent, and it is costing them games.

It is interesting to me that you would scratch two of your tougher players to send a message, against a team that always comes out tough against you. All that showed was that management does not care if they drop a game while trying to prove a point that they have been trying to make for weeks now. It made no sense. This should have been an easy win and San Jose trys to prove a point by holding two of their best players in recent games out of the line up. You have got to be kidding me. Fire the coach, make a trade, just do something other than scratching players, and shuffling lines. We complain about the schedule throwing us off and not allowing us to gain a rhythm, well what about players playing on different lines every five minutes? What a joke, and you are damn right, this is written out of anger and frustration. If the players on the ice are not competing and are not going to start, then management better start trying to compete.

Everyone is fired up. Season ticket holders are turning beet red and it showed with the rest of the Sharks faithful last night as well. The Sharks did not sell out the game last night for the first time in I believe 36 games. Some 450 tickets were still available for a game against the Kings. This place is usually rockin' when the Kings come to town, and yet nearly 500 fans said "NO THANKS". If that is not a message to this organization than I don't know what is. If attendance drops 500 last night, how many more will save the money on tickets, that prices went up on since last year, and watch from home where they can at least change the channel when it gets unsightly.

How long will Doug Wilson play the waiting game? A change is imminent so why not do something before the fans burn down the barn. The team went from being picked, by most publications, to win the cup, to a team that may not even get into the playoffs.

Do something and do something now. The waiting game has become the losing game and nobody is having fun anymore.

Last nights talkcast was great. Sorry some of the calls were lost but maybe next time we can get better connected. I really would like to have a talkcast where the talk is more positive, unfortunately there are not many positives to talk about right now. Thanks to Sharks Fan Tim for calling in with some great insight. It is good to hear what other fans are thinking. I am going to be in chat for Fridays show and will try to get on the line for a few minutes. Thanks to everyone who listened and also to everyone who continues to read the blogs. The fans are as faithful as always even if the frustration is mounting. Call in and be heard, voice your opinions and let yourselves have some kind of voice in all of this.

Thanks for reading and have a good day! GO SHARKS !
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December 5, 2007 5:26 PM ET | Delete
I am really starting to believe the lack of killer instinct is the coach. Everytime the Sharks get up they go into defensive mode and lose the aggressiveness. They don't take the chance because they need to do the little things.
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