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[b]1 Buf vs 8 NYI - Buf in 5[/b] - Bang on, but I expected a better effort out of the Sabres. They'll be in tough against the white-hot Henrik Lundqvist and the Rangers. DiPietro came back sooner than I thought and played well enough to keep the Islanders in the games, but could only win the one. [b]2 NJ vs 7 TB - NJ in 6[/b] - Bang on again. Holmqvist played very we...
Remember last year when the Sens were the favorite...but Brian Murray was playing the underdog card with his team and the media? Well, it worked. He got his guys to play a physical brand of hockey that probably no Sens team had ever played before. And it was good enough to get them to the Finals. A year later and the roles seem to be reversed...with the Sens truly...
Round 1 has officially come to a close, thus inaugurating the annual first wave of NHL Playoff MVP speculation. Undoubtedly, there are those who will claim that it’s simply to early to judge, but we’re pretty sure that even such purists secretly guess-timate as to which first round fire will keep burning. What can we say, we simply can’t help ourselves. With that, he...


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