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1 Buf vs 8 NYI - Buf in 5 - Bang on, but I expected a better effort out of the Sabres. They'll be in tough against the white-hot Henrik Lundqvist and the Rangers. DiPietro came back sooner than I thought and played well enough to keep the Islanders in the games, but could only win the one.

2 NJ vs 7 TB - NJ in 6 - Bang on again. Holmqvist played very well after the first game. The whole series changed when Gomez scored the OT goal. If Tampa had won that game I don't see the Devils coming back. But after that, Brodeur just raised his game another notch like he's been known to do from time to time. The Lightning simply don't have the depth to be conenders anymore. That's why Lecavaler, St. Louis, and Rchards had to play so much.

3 Atl vs 6 NYR - NYR in 7 - Right team, wrong number of games (4). Lehtonen was horrible, and his teammates weren't much better. Hossa, Kovalchuk, and Kozlov were completely invisible. Jagr, Nylander, Straka, Avery, et al ran roughshod over the Thrashers, who were there in body but not in spirit. The Rangers will have a much tougher test in Round 2 against the Sabres.

4 Ott vs 5 Pit - Ott in 7 - It only took 5 games for the Sens to dismantle the Penguins, and yet it seems we still havn't seen their best, which should scare New Jersey. Fleury's stats are misleading, as he was left out to dry repeatedly. The Penguins can't be considered serious contenders until this is fixed. I went seven with my prediction based on the fact I though Malkin might actually do something. He got four assists, but wasn't really a factor.

1 Det vs 8 Cal - Cal in 7 - Wrongo. Detroit in 6. The Flames have the talent to play with the Wings, but simply refused to use it. Kiprusoff was the only reason this was even close. San Jose won't lay down so easily.

2 Ana vs 7 Min - Ana in 6 - Right team, but in 5. The Wild were simply outclassed here. Backstrom played well, but the Wild simply could not score when they needed to. Beauchemin was simply outstanding.

3 Van vs 6 Dal - Van in 5 - I based this on Turco choking again, and he did anything but. Unfortunately for him, Luongo was just as good. This was the most equal series of them all, but Vancouver prevailed in the seventh game.

4 Nsh vs 5 SJ - SJ in 7 - Sharks in 5. And it was about the right result too, as Nashville lacked the intensity physicality of the Sharks. Bad draw, but I think the Sharks are going to the Finals anyway.

Good night all!
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