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The Ducks have had consecutive wins and we haven't changed barely anything! Some Ducks fans were hoping for Hossa or Holik all I was hoping for was a simple draft pick! All Burke landed was Begeron, J.S. Aubin and a draft pick! Now I am someone who always loves for my team to rack up on the picks especially in a deep draft like this one. Maybe we did not land superstars...
walrus writes...

Leaf Trade Talk

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With the Trading Deadline around the corner I think the following trades would be great for both teams. Tlusty, Andropov for Jordan Stall and 2nd round draft pick. (Both Tlusty and Andropov are very affordable) Tlusty played with Malikin in Russia and both enjoyed great success. Pittsburgh needs a little shake up with a glut of Centremen and Jordan rotting in th...


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