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"Who's going to break the Leafs lineup this year?"
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2010 Leafs

Posted April 29, 2009
The Leafs are in a rare situation in the NHL as most of the teams are going to loose money the Leafs are going to continue making money so if I were the Manager I would make the following moves that frankly I think Burke will. First the UFAs that he will go after are the following: H. Sedin, D. Sedin because Burke has a history and they are solid top 6 forward Mike Camilleri because h... Read More »
The Leafs will finally make the play-offs next year after a few years of JFJ and his litany of mistakes sanctioned by the board. First they'll stop trading draft picks for 38 year old UFAs. Second they'll actually play team defense and get out of the cellar of Goals Against. Third the coach will have to become acountable to the atrocious goals against sure goaltendng will get better but a... Read More »
In Goal it looks more and more that Gerber may be 1 and Toskala 1A and quite possibly expendable with a slew of decent goalies on the UFA list. Pogge is gone he sucks and hasn't really improved all that much in 3 years. On D the Leafs are solid with maybe one or two guy expendable to clear cap space ie Kubina and can be parlayed into a 1st round draft pick as well a roster player look for that... Read More »
Burke said he would move Andropov he did. He said if he couldn't sign Moore he would trade him. Sundin, McCabe, Belak, Kilger, Moore, Andropov, Tucker, Raycroft, Clemmenson, Wellwood are all gone love them or hate them that team is gone. The above represents 24 plus million dollars in salary. He said he wanted to get a few more draft picks because some had been traded away and he got a 2nd... Read More »

Are the Leafs really that bad?

Posted February 14, 2009
This team has been plagued with injuries to their top scorer at the time Stajan, their top shut down defenseman in Finger and their two top puck moving defensemen in Kaberle and VanRyan. Had they stayed healthy and won 5 more games this team would be in a play-off spot but I think the coaching staff wanted this year to toughen these guys a bit more and their focus wasn't to make the play-offs.... Read More »


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