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4 video live right now http://nyi247.blogspot.com/
http://nyi247.blogspot.com/ first pic on right. Check it out, Oh an I added the Pens fans right below it
Check out the new post. The Pens, their owners and their fans are such little babies and I have fun with that http://nyi247.blogspot.com/2011/02/21310-pre-game-post.html
I am not a fan of brawls. Never have been. They are the ultimate way for a lesser team to equalize themselves with a better team. But why all the blame on the Islanders? Are they not just another team that has had to compete in a league that is so uncoodinated with discipline and suspensions that it encourages teams to handle things themselves? After all, the...
This guy has some nerve coming out and BASHING the league and the Islanders for what took place Friday night. Learning starts at home, and this idiot signs a weekly paycheck to probably the dirtiest player in the NHL. I don't like what Gillies did. I will say that first. It was careless and tasteless. Had he taken a shot like that at Cooke I would be singing a diff...
After the Islanders played the Penguins a couple of months back in what is now labeled the fight night on Long Island, I wrote a blog about the game, the outcome (suspensions), and Mario's feedback afterwards. While I am not a big time journalist or even a well known blogger I still feel that I have a responsibility to my readers to be fair when it is called for. A...
jeffjgreig writes...

Bell Centre Brawlin!

Posted Sunday | Comments 0
Maybe Don Cherry was right when he boldly stated that the Leafs new toughness is the reason for a much steadier and confident game play by the young team. I can remember thinking so many times last year..."IF Colton Orr were here that guy wouldn't be hacking Kessel to ice everytime he touched the puck". And when you look at the 1-0 loss to the bruins this year it was a c...


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