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deadmarsh20a writes...

The Return of LaBarbera

Posted Monday | Comments 0
Now living in L.A. and reading the spordaic L.A. Times Column on the Kings has taught me one thing I already knew, everyone wants Jason back. I pose you this question, why? Yes he was robbed of AHL MVP last year and yes he is the best goalie we have short of forcing a strike in the juniors ending their season early and getting Bernier back. But without we fell to the l...
I wonder how worried Deanno is about losing his job if the Kings a)Lose in the first round, or b) don’t make the playoffs? I don’t know too much about Dean’s tenure in San Jose, but after listening to Craig Button a little while back, it seems as though Dean managed the Sharks the same way as he is currently managing the Kings by not making the right moves, let al...
RedwingsAreKHL writes...

The Kings' Identity

Posted Friday | Comments 0
I used to think Dean Lombardi built the Kings without an identity. But, now, I realize that the Kings actually have an identity, one that is of a team that is wimpy, weak, soft, and energy-less. What you see live or on t.v. is exactly the identity Dean has built, and Sutter is an extension of that identity by telling his players not to fight or engage the opponent. ...


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