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Power forwards...huge, hulking, “whittle-guy” killers that can skate...a goalie’s worst nightmare...and supposedly, the ghost of Christmas past. The new rules adopted my “My NHL” practically sent them to their graves. At the very least, the new rules assured a long, penalty-plagued transition. Many of the typical power forwards became a liability to their team...
There's some sarcasm in the title. I know why there are so many officials but I no longer know why they are all on the ice. Maybe the NHL should consider putting an official either between the penalty boxes or between the benches. What, why? If you watch as much hockey as me you've probably noticed how manytimes the officials get in the way of the play or can't bel...
The Islanders seem to be having the time of their lives; having a fun time enjoying playing hockey. Young players have been getting their chance in the NHL. I wonder how they feel about trying to tank every game for the rest of the season. Of late, I have heard fans yelling and being happy about losing a game, with their teams being out of the playoffs. I can understand th...


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