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The Islanders seem to be having the time of their lives; having a fun time enjoying playing hockey. Young players have been getting their chance in the NHL. I wonder how they feel about trying to tank every game for the rest of the season. Of late, I have heard fans yelling and being happy about losing a game, with their teams being out of the playoffs. I can understand their thinking, they are trying to get a high pick, hence the name of this phenomena known as tank nation. Fans actually hope they lose as much as they can, so they have a better chance of getting the number one pick.

So the idea of this really ticks me off. Making sure you lose kind of takes the sport out of the sport. Can you imagine if every team out of the race right now decided to try to do this? It is just not right. Setting your team to lose is morally wrong. Hockey is a competitive sport. It is meant for a game of combatants whose desire is to win.

Who wants to see a hockey game where two teams are falling all over each other? Wouldn't it be a treat to watch all those giveaways, and penalties. How about those sloppy goals, scoring from anywhere. Players are being brought up from the minors for no reason, getting called up to the big club. Coaches are not trying to win; they stop coaching the players. Well, yes, that would be a disaster, would it not?

Well, thank goodness the Islanders are not buying into this notion. They are playing the best hockey of their season. The Coaching staff is not giving up, they are plugging away and are becoming a hardworking cohesive team. They beat the Black Hawks the other night with a Rookie goalie. I think it's great that the Isles are still fighting for every game, trying to win every shift, every period, every game. It's the game of hockey and how life is supposed to be. Yes, thank goodness Coach Scott Gordon and GM Garth Snow are people who still have integrity and the heart of champions. Yes, thank goodness there is no tank in the Island.

Please put this tank season attitude to an end. If teams start trying to tank the season, we will have to entertain a new system to the draft lottery. Every team that does not make the playoffs would have a equal chance to get the first round choice, and that would be a shame for the team who deserves the first pick. I really enjoy it when a teams refuses to quit on a game.

Some Love for the NHL

I am pleasantly surprised to see the Refs actually enforcing the new rules. Giving players penalties for retaliating after a legal hit. Nothing gets me more angry than watching players going after someone because of a legal hit. The League has also stepped up to the plate on giving players penalties after stage fights. Thank goodness the NHL sees that they really are a waste of time. Good on ya, NHL, for trying to take the goonery out of the game.
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FLAMESTR. Agreed. Some fans may want to see the prize by hoping their teams fail, but thank god most professional athletes have more pride than that. Are you truly a fan if you are hoping your team loses? Fan is short for fanatic, but I always thought it meant fanatic in a positive way, not in the Tank Nation. Hope the Islanders win the rest of their games...patooie!
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You know I think St.Louis deserves some credit too...last place at the all star I think and now on the verge of getting in. They didn't tank either and I don't see how a hockey player could look himself in the mirror if he didn't want to win.
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