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briere2112 writes...

Goal or No Goal?

Posted Wednesday | Comments 0
The Sabres won Game 4 by a score of 4-2. However, when it was 3-2 Sabres, the Isles put the puck in the net. The refs ruled no goal on the ice and Toronto also ruled no goal. However, was this the right call? I am a Sabres fan, so I want to believe it was the correct call. But there have been too many occasions where the Sabres have been screwed by bad calls for me no...
These calls NEVER go Buffalo’s way… EVER! Vanek’s goal – Common sense tells you it was clearly a goal… however I was fully expecting that to be disallowed. The Afinegenov powerplay – Max somehow drew 6minutes in penalties with a hard play to the net that we see over and over again. Again, I live in Buffalo, I expected co-incidentals at best. Game 4 N...
xpdonahue writes...

A Weekend to Forget

Posted Monday | Comments 0
This weekend I cant count how many fictional articles I wrote in my head. How the ducks and kings would clinch playoff spots for the first time in history. how the stars where the only team in the pacific to not make the playoffs. while all this still may happen.. we are going to have to wait. Saturday saw the Kings face the Stars while the Ducks were in San Jose, I al...


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