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"Sabres Win Cup!"
Lancaster, NY • United States • 36 Years Old • Male
These calls NEVER go Buffalo’s way… EVER!

Vanek’s goal – Common sense tells you it was clearly a goal… however I was fully expecting that to be disallowed.

The Afinegenov powerplay – Max somehow drew 6minutes in penalties with a hard play to the net that we see over and over again. Again, I live in Buffalo, I expected co-incidentals at best.

Game 4 No-Goal – It seemed like an awfully quick review for a very tricky play. I figured we were headed for free hockey for sure!

My fellow Buffalonians… might we be on the verge of something special? Has karma finally swayed? Tolls come down, promising waterfront plans, and now this? Are we the team AND city of destiny?

What’s that I see in my rear view mirror???? Is that “Wide Right”, “No goal” and “The Music City Miracle” fading away in the distance? And what’s that shiny silvery thing up there on the left?

Lets just hope we don’t use up all that karma in round 1. We’re going to need it for a few more weeks.

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