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Hey there fantasy freaks

Posted September 7, 2011
So anyone out there in need of a website that not only gives you the in and outs of the hockey world? I mean not just the major teams in the leagues I mean even the low traffic teams like the hurricanes Panthers and Columbus Blue Jackets. All the teams have fantasy relevant players and sleepers that everyone should be able to find out about. So have a peek at the newest website dedicated to hockey... Read More »

New Website

Posted September 4, 2011
Check out my new website dedicated to giving you all the best and most up to date fantasy information for the upcoming NHL Season.http://fantasyhockeytalkandtips.weebly.com/ Read More »
If there is anyone out there having trouble putting together a decent team through a draft let me know and I would be happy to help out. Good luck to all you fantasy nuts out there!! Peace and most importanly GO LEAFS GO!!! Read More »
This is purely my opinion and that is based on observations over the past 20 years or so that I can clearly say I was a full blood member of the Leafs Nation. 1. The New york Yankee syndrom: From what most people say they hate that the leafs would buy their way into the playoffs, and clearly there is no point in saying otherwise because it is very true. It seemed as though, as soon as the Har... Read More »
Is it just me or does everything that Steve Simmons say sound the same? Further more everything he writes seems to directly involve Brian Burke's innability to get the hockey team into the playoffs. I honestly don't believe that there is a less intelligent and more negative individual in the Toronto media. The questions this guy asks are irrelavent and offending, only Steve Simmons would argue... Read More »


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