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"The Nation "
Woodstock, ON • Canada •
This is purely my opinion and that is based on observations over the past 20 years or so that I can clearly say I was a full blood member of the Leafs Nation.

1. The New york Yankee syndrom: From what most people say they hate that the leafs would buy their way into the playoffs, and clearly there is no point in saying otherwise because it is very true. It seemed as though, as soon as the Harold Ballard saga ended the leafs management needed to spend some money and they also didn't have time to rebuild the system(if it something that disorganized can be called a system) The fans wanted a competitor and they needed it right away, Anyone remember Lou Fransichetti(apologies if mispelt) If you do you'll know that while being a great person he wasn't going to help anyone to a cup.

2. Media: I was apprehensive to add this, however, it is true. To think that one could base their hate of a team or group of people based on the fact that they recieve uber coverage for everything is quite childish and ignorant. As annoying as it might be it still isn't the players or employees of the Leafs that are to blame for this. Perhaps it's the Toronto media that should be hated, or even the... FANS! We the fans drive the media frenzy here in suthern Ontario. As much as I Feel Steve Simmons being paid for his opinion is a travesty, I also feel guilty for having a part in stirring the media pot.

3. Fans: We the fans are the real reason most people hate our beloved Leafs, The unending optimism knowing that anything truley can happen at any given time in sports. The fact that we will believe we have the slightest of chances every season, no matter whos stands behind our players or whos' wearing the jersey. It's the fact that even in the lower confines of Glendale Arizona you can hear the low chants of a few hockey mad Leafs Fans Chanting"GO LEAFS GO!!!". It's because when you go to your teams home games there is almost as much leaf merchandise for sale as there is the home teams.

3a) Just a side note, there are different classes of Leafs Fans, and the most hated of leafs fans are the ones that have no grasp of reality or hockey wherewithall at all. You know who you are, your the ones who yell off your balconies after the first win of the year calling for the cup and continue to do so until they are eliminated from contention, adn even then you still say that they "WILL" win it next year. You are the guy/girl that makes it hard to even say that we are associated by the choice of team I cheer for. If you could just hold your exuberance in and convey your opinions more subtly perhaps then people would stop hating us.

The Bottom line here that we will always be hated, scorned and spat apon, until the Leafs win the Stanley Cup, when that happens tears will flow from my eyes and we will see how many "New" fans there will be then we know them as the bandwagon! I believe that is why the world seems to hate the Leafs.

Jeff Greig
Thanks for reading I welcome any comments and opinion
p.s. I love the guy who yells off his balcony after the first win of the season
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