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Woodstock, ON • Canada •
Is it just me or does everything that Steve Simmons say sound the same? Further more everything he writes seems to directly involve Brian Burke's innability to get the hockey team into the playoffs. I honestly don't believe that there is a less intelligent and more negative individual in the Toronto media. The questions this guy asks are irrelavent and offending, only Steve Simmons would argue that going to visit the men and Women who defend our country in Afganistan was a mistake. Instead he would have Burke on his hands and knees grovelling for the services of Brad Richards. Hey Steve, Brad Richards made his mind up when the season ended that he as going to the rangers, if you had any sense at all you would realize that. Apparently in all your years of being a "reporter" (joke) you haven't learned anything at all.

So, in Burkes defense, why should he not honor our troops? Why should he bend over and kiss the ass of an arrogant star and his agency so? The whole thing was to drive up the term and dollar amount of the contract. Thank god BrianBurke ismuch more intelligent than Steve Simmons and didn't throw away the future of our club on an injury riddled aging superstar. Maybe Steve simmons will take a hike and spare the world of his ignorance, wouldn't that be nice.

As for Burke statment he "I don;t want to contemplate and offer sheet" Read between the lines you fools!!!! he is a lawyer and carefully words his statements. It is a threat in hiding for Yzerman and tampa, one they should be listening too.
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