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The Plan

Posted September 24, 2012
Here is the situation. The powers that be have decided to suspend our game while they decide exactly how to divvy up OUR money. And we have been called the "Greatest fans in the world" for putting up with this garbage...again. The only way these bozos will get the message is when we stop buying the product. I'm appealing to Canadian hockey fans to boycott the product. Now I imagine t... Read More »
Here are five positive things I will take away from a lockout, in descending order 5: The New Jersey Devils will save about 3 million dollars every two weeks in player's salaries. This should help them make their loan payments...seeing how four rounds of extra playoff revenue did not seem to to the job. 4: Vancouver have an extra year to work out a deal with Toronto for Roberto Luongo.... Read More »

The Impact of a 2012 Lockout.

Posted August 16, 2012
What is the long term effect of a lockout? How about two in less than ten years? I used to be one of the biggest, most attentive hockey fans out there. I would get angry when RDS or CBC did not show the actual face off and jumped straight into play. Outside of falling asleep during west coast trips, I would watch every minute of every game. When I got a PVR, I started recording games so I could... Read More »
Canadiens' fans worldwide hang and hide their heads in shame as the [i]Circ du Gauthier[/i] continues to embaress our proud organization. There is no doubt that the bottom has dropped out of whatever plan and rebuild Andre Savard had started and we have in fact returned to the days of Houle the Fool and Mario Trembley blindly leading the team through a mine field. Once you've accepted that, an... Read More »
Dear Molson Family, I am hereby informing you of my intention to apply for the post of the General Manager of the Montreal Canadiens. Although my experience is very limited, I plan to explain why I would be by far the best GM the Canadiens have had in the cap era. It is difficult to truly know what the team would look like under my guidance over the last few years. I can promise you beyond... Read More »


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