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What to make with all Canadian teams...

Posted November 6, 2018
It has essentially been a great start for Canadian Teams. All teams are competing in some way for playoffs. That being said, we are seeing the senators fall as they should have. Other teams have been hot and cold. So what do we make of all this? Let's start with the East. Toronto Maple Leafs: This team is always going to be the most hated and most liked, that will never change. This team ha... Read More »

Predicting the 2018/19 Standings

Posted September 2, 2018
After a crazy ride of a year where two teams many predicted to not come close to a cup were in the final; it is time to follow that up with more predictions. Western Conference: Central: 1. Nashville Predators - 115 pts A slight dip just because it can be difficult to maintain, but this is the team to beat in the Central. 2. Winnipeg Jets - 113 pts A closer fight where the Jets will jus... Read More »
First off, the Cinderella season for the NHL that saw many teams make an unfathomable jump with continue. New Jersey, Colorado, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Vegas and some could say Washington all had way better or worse than expected seasons. The Golden Misfits as they are more appropriately branded are going to the Cup final. The question remains, was this a one night only Vegas trick? Let's look at ever... Read More »

Canadian Teams at the Halfway Mark

Posted January 7, 2018
Calgary Flames: Just who are these flames? Last year it looked as though the only issues were goaltending and blueline depth. Those issues looked to be shored only to have consistency plague them. No wonder Gulutzan went on a tirade. They need others to step up namely Bennett. Edmonton Oilers: Simple, Chia Pet Chiarelli is at the helm. Still waiting for first domino, Chiarelli to be fired or Mc... Read More »

Second Round Predictions

Posted April 26, 2017
5-3 in the first round decent predictions. Best one is predicting the leafs to make a series with the caps but still ultimately lose. Western Preds Over Blues in 5 This was a toss up but the blues are not paying to their capabilities and the preds have decent forward and the BEST defense in all of the playoffs and a streaky goaltender. Oilers Over Ducks in 6 I am going against the grain... Read More »


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