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Standings Power Rankings Week1

Posted November 8, 2019
Similar to the Power Ranking on TSN, NHL SN, I will post a blog and show the changes. My rankings will be completely based on the NHL Standings at this point. This will show how much teams have climbed or dropped due to a winning streakor losing streak. 1. Washington Capitals - The Cup Champs 2 years prior are showing why they are still favourites. 2. St, Louis - The Previous Cup winners are... Read More »
Trends from last year continue. While overall the team is looking better, there are two alarming trends that need to be fixed. First is the slow starts to get their bearings which luckily that could be due to opening season jitters. The season reared it's head yesterday, third period give ups to let the team win when they should not. That being said a 2 0 1 record I am happy with. Now let's look i... Read More »
Metro: 1. Washington: Number 1 with Ovechkin remains number 1 of the metro. 2. Carolina: The surprise team last year, proved they do have the pieces, and this year cements it. 3. Pittsburgh: Bet against Crosby and Malkin, I don't think so. 4. New Jersey: They have a big improvement, as they had a good offseason. 5. Philadelphia: Carter Hart will help a team that needs it. 6. NY Islanders: I... Read More »
Look I know that many think the all star is stupid, a farce, hurts the league and doesn't belong. Many seem to forget this is mainly an event for kids and hence why the nhl keeps it and continues to try and improve it. Some of it has worked. Lately people seem to get into the 3 on 3 tournament. Here are some ideas I think would improve the game for the fans. 1st - Keep the captain selection vi... Read More »

Fixing the NHL's Biggest Oil Spill

Posted January 24, 2019
When the Oilers hired Peter Chiarelli, it reeked of desperation to the point where ownership thought that giving autonomy to someone who won a cup would guarantee a cup. They never did a background check nor looked as to why he may have been fired just said look there is a cup, he is perfect. His resume is that of talent degradation and he did just that again for Edmonton. As much as the old b... Read More »


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