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Similar to the Power Ranking on TSN, NHL SN, I will post a blog and show the changes. My rankings will be completely based on the NHL Standings at this point. This will show how much teams have climbed or dropped due to a winning streakor losing streak.

1. Washington Capitals - The Cup Champs 2 years prior are showing why they are still favourites.
2. St, Louis - The Previous Cup winners are proving there are no cup blues settlng with this team right now.
3. Boston - Still a dominant one line team, but they do have a scary defense.Other than McAvoy who will replace the ageless Chara though.
4. New York Islanders - Isn't it amazing what goaltending, and a 10 game winning streak does. Trotz is proving to the league you can win without scorers.
5. Edmonton - The Opposite of the Isles, Tippett is proving that Edmonton's Superhero duo similar to Batman & Robin can alone give their team wins.
6. Vancouver - Okay, does Benning know something we don't? Seriously no one saw this. But man Peterson and Boeser are sweet.
7. Vegas Golden Knights - A solid initial draft gave this team contending status, but they have cracks. The Marchessault line is showing they were never superstars but were perfect for this team, and Mcphee must have saw that to create the Statsny, Pacoretty and Stone line because that line is scary.
8. Toronto - So the Quadruplets of contracts are managing something, Many leaks with defense still though.
9. Nashville - Losing Subban hurts, but Duchene is proving he is offensive and showing immediate dividends to help add offense and create a different type of Predatory danger for other teams.
10. Buffalo - A steady drop now that Olofsson has slowed. This team is not as good as some may think, but Kruger is one smart hire and both Sandin and Eichel will leads this team to contending status.
11. Arizona - No Tippett hockey, no problem we have Tocchet hockey. The T for trap or slow hockey is here to stay. But hey it works for them.
12. Calgary - Colorado showed leaks and now they are struggling to regain that identity.
13. Florida - Money well spent so far Tallon. Or not, Tallon needs Bob to come out of his shell and soon.
14. Pittsburgh - Weathered an early storm, Now they need to have their depth be even more for contending status.
15. Carolina - We need to #bunchofjerks to come back. That was true passion.
16. Montreal - Still that #1 center away, Bergevin better hurry.
17. Anaheim - Goaltending really can do a lot. At the same token, Eakins is better than Carlyle.
18. Colorado - Boston must be glad its not them. No Rantanen, or Landeskog and now now Mackinnon. They entire dominant first line is completely gone.
19. Philadephia - They are still missing pieces, Hextall knew this but no one would believe.
20. Winnipeg - Their one defense bright stop gave minutes and calder talk.
21. Dallas - Maybe they were never contenders as some thought.
22. New York Rangers - Ahead of Tampa Bay - really?
23. Columbus - Treading water but thats it.
24. Tampa Bay - Oh how the mighty have fallen.
25. Chicago - This team is a team in transition and the GM needs to realize better.
26. New Jersey - Hughes is slowly coming around, now its Hall.
27. Minnesota - They will be a botton dweller, Guerin has his work cut out.
28. Ottawa - Lafreniere, Byfield here we come.
29. San Jose - How do we win to not forfeit that dreaded 1.
30. Los Angeles - They need to rebuild Blake.
31. Detroit - Another rebuild happening.
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