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Don Cherry was always an outspoken individual in terms of politics, so he made his remarks and Sportsnet said it's the last straw.

I always hated Sportsnet, and this is just an honest and candid opinion. As my friend put it, "it's like watching AHL level of broadcasting". TSN's hockey coverage rivaled American channels covering the NFL. I'm not going to hide behind my opinions behind some veiled piece of journalism pretending it to be neutral and unbiased, because people should well know by now that bias is impossible not to have. Even facts are read through a perceptive eye which adjusts the meaning of the data. Therefore, let us not hide behind this "I'm objective and you're not" - objectivity is not empiricism as long as a human is presenting it. Anything we get our grubby hands on is immediately inflected by our bias.

But TSN has gone the way of globalism as well, or as many on the right would say, "TSN is cucked".

For some weird reason, the media seems to all be on the side of globalism. I'm not here to tell you to be a populist - I want you to make an informed decision. I'm not really an advocate of populism, but I am most certainly not an advocate of secularist globalism, because it's nothing but an apostolic effort that violates the very thing it advocates for: human rights.

What does this have to do with hockey? It has to do with all sports. It's no secret that Cherry advocates populism, and it's also no secret that a lot of outspoken advocates of globalism were trying to get him off the air for a long time.

So first thing is first: What is populism and globalism?

Globalism revolves around the idea that the world should be entirely united and blended without borders. Every nation in a globalist rule is merely an arm of a globalist power that rules over it like an apostolic palace. Popes used to crown kings and emperors, but now globalism has to crown kings, and if they aren't crowned, then they are all Hitler-esque nationalists (even though he was a socialist using their very methods of domination to get everyone "on the same page" who want to perpetuate the problems of poverty and war.

Simply put: the globalists think everyone should be holding hands and singing "we are the world".

Populism revolves around the sovereignty of nations; that every nation independently pursues its own civics and ideals. They want to assimilate their citizens under a national culture to imbue a respect for the law and the state into the individual.

Simply put: good fences make good neighbours.

Where we're at:

Many people who are globalists (and the deep state which wants global economic domination) paid tens of thousands of dollars to become globalists thanks to the increasing level of Marxism taught in universities. Marxism, or Cultural Marxism (cult marxism), is the idea that no religion is correct, but only power is correct, and they seek to balance all power in the world so that the individual has the same rights as everyone else. They are rhetorical because they appeal to the singular individual who thinks they are victims of systematic abuse rather than they have made mistakes for which they must be held accountable for. The Marxist, for example, wasn't a loser in school; instead, they were bullied by a system that wants to indoctrinate children to be all alike one another. It's a song that appeals to many.

Politically, this has had radical ramifications. It's been an argument thrown to the forefront of our world's troubles due to increasing concerns about the climate, mass migration, poverty, pollution, and war. The populists believe their culture to be superior to the cultures that have incubated conditions of poverty that caused mass migration, and also believe that the deep state has pushed mass migration and climate issues on a religious level in order to destabilize western nations. The globalists believe the populists are "not sharing" their wealth and resources, and not playing along to solve global problems.

On Sportsnet, they wrote their statement behind the firing: "We believe that sports is meant to unite us, not divide us", but unfortunately, sports is inflected by that dominant topic which has seized the world.

Putin was the first major populist to succeed since he built up Russia's military to become a threat again in order to establish a geopolitical balance of power without the US becoming the world's police force - and beyond him, the mass migration issue has caused ruptures in Europe, namely Brexit, but has also seeped into the elections, famously Marine Lepen in France versus Emmanuel Macron. This has also spread to the US, thanks to growing concerns about the deep state using both arms of the government (GOP and DNC) to enact its will - so they elected the greatest rebel against Globalism, the famously "Buy American, Hire American" Donald Trump.

This now rains down on all sports, and Don Cherry was always an advocate for traditional Canadian values. He had done many tributes to men who gave their lives to their country - he bleeds red and white, and he loved anyone else who did. I believe his grandfather was an RCMP officer (a mounty), so the "patriot" is strong with him. If there was a hill for him to die on, it was this one. But it also rained in the NFL when accusations of systemic racism and retroactive morality started to attack the nation's foundations, and players were bending knee (ironically) to the national anthem, blaming nationalism and by extension, "white supremacy" and systemic racism, for all the problems facing the nation.

Don Cherry worked all these years for the CBC, and as globalism started to more and more dominate the media, they started getting at each other's throats. CBC wanted to can him a long time ago since they've become the partisan voice of liberal values (cult marxism) in Canada. The problem is that CBC is a failing entity (as are most things subsidized by government since they are not profit driven and become lazy in terms of truly connecting to its audience). Wanting to get rid of Don Cherry was on its agenda for years, but they couldn't find a way to do it without taking a shot to the chest.

Now Sportsnet gets to do it. Sportsnet is subsidized by monster media company, Rogers Communications, and it's lost a lot of money despite "winning" the tv deal when it comes to NHL rights. Capitalism and globalism tend to be at odds with one another since globalism believes in heavily taxing the free market to "fix all the world's problems". Basically, Sportsnet is an advertising front for the company, which uses "crony" capitalism as a tool to kick the ladder at the top to ensure no competition gets there.

Sportsnet made a paradoxical statement: "Sports unites us, not divides us" and then goes on to say "He made statements that do not represent our values or what we stand for". I don't know how to make sense of something so opposing. If you have values, then you have division as a consequence. As Churchill famously said, "You have enemies? Good. That means you stood up for something some time in your life." Sportsnet is Cherry's enemy because they are standing up for globalism, and yet they were saying that sports unites us. Sports doesn't unite populists and globalists - they're asking all populists to bend the knee and subvert to the song of globalism.

This issue has already rained on youtube when famous youtube superstars started getting demonetized for having populist values (like Stephen Crowder or PragerU) or outright banned (Alex Jones, Tommy Robinson).

Sorry, Sportsnet, and sorry to the hockey fans who supported this firing, but this battle is very real and it's only going to get more heated the more that companies like Sportsnet persecute populists not for having done anything bad, but merely fulfilled their agency in advocating for populism, which they for some reason charge to be intrinsically racist. The marxist charge against "white colonialists" for stealing all the resources from north america has not gone through any court, and should not be acted upon like its objective data; but it has prevailed upon much of the consensus as our world enters into another green dream that sets up for World War III.

Just like the kneeling issue in the NFL, this battle is far from done; this firing of Don Cherry, unfortunately, has only drawn first blood. Now this divisive issue will rupture the sport like it has ruptured everything else it touches, and people will be less and less consuming a channel or a sports that tries to religiously advocate for globalism.

Thank you for reading.
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