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Less sexy markets get the shaft

Posted July 3, 2007
Great article on Hockeybuzz by Daniel Tolensky that shows exactly why the cap is broken and how the new NHL favours the big markets teams even more now than before. Over the last three years of the Briere deal, his actual salary will be $12M while his cap number will be $19.5M. Over the last two it is $5M versus $13M. So move along to the 5th or 6th year of that deal when Briere is not produ... Read More »
The Anaheim Ducks changed hands for $80M two years ago. Balsille agrees to pay $220M+ less than 18 months later. Apparently NHL franchise prices are going up faster than Alberta real estate. Even if the general business community agrees that Balsille overpaid, this significantly drives up the price of an NHL franchise. As well, if the NHL does pursue expansion, suddenly they can charge $150M in... Read More »
Will all due reverence for Will Ferrell, truer words have never been spoken. Expansion? Seriously? Did I wake up yesterday in an alternate reality where Spock has a bad ass goatee and the NHL has 30 healthy teams? First off, who would pay $150M to get into the NHL? Even if you stand to possibly make money on franchise appreciation, what about the operating losses? Or how about being associat... Read More »

Why I can't hate Anaheim

Posted June 5, 2007
Yah yah, I know. I've heard all the rhetoric about why, as an Oiler fan, I have to hate Anaheim. Blah, blah Pronger. But I just can't. Hey, would I rather see Pronger wearing the Oil Drop and hoisting the Cup? Of course but it's not going to happen. There are just too many reasons to admire the Ducks. 1) Scott Niedermeyer is as classy as it gets in the NHL. Nice to see him win one away from... Read More »
It seems everyone in Edmonton is drooling over Wade Redden. Behind Bouwmeester, he is definitely the player Oiler fans want to see manning the blueline in the Big E next year. Speculation is that because of Redden's contract and the Sens needing to resign younger stars that a Redden to Edmonton deal makes sense. We have the young cap friendly prospects and picks to do the deal no doubt. But doe... Read More »


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