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Will all due reverence for Will Ferrell, truer words have never been spoken.

Expansion? Seriously? Did I wake up yesterday in an alternate reality where Spock has a bad ass goatee and the NHL has 30 healthy teams?

First off, who would pay $150M to get into the NHL? Even if you stand to possibly make money on franchise appreciation, what about the operating losses? Or how about being associated with the clowns running the NHL that just continue to reinforce their reputation as total bunglers.

Secondly, beyond the owners pocketing $10M each in fees, what is the rationale? Yes the league needs more teams in the West to cut travel and get Detroit in the East etc. But hey, crazy idea, move Florida somewhere. Or are the Panthers so irrelevant even the NHL head office has forgotten about them?

Are the owners so short-sighted that a $10M cash grab is worth further degrading the league? Maybe KC is a great hockey market now. I'll give them a chance, why not. Can't be worse than Phoenix. But then maybe we take one of the, oh, 4-6 teams in failing markets and move them there.

How do people so stupid manage to get control of so much money. Totally stunning.
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