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Why I can't hate Anaheim

Posted 4:25 PM ET | Comments 1
Yah yah, I know. I've heard all the rhetoric about why, as an Oiler fan, I have to hate Anaheim. Blah, blah Pronger. But I just can't. Hey, would I rather see Pronger wearing the Oil Drop and hoisting the Cup? Of course but it's not going to happen.

There are just too many reasons to admire the Ducks.

1) Scott Niedermeyer is as classy as it gets in the NHL. Nice to see him win one away from NJ and wearing the "C"
2) Niedermeyer x 2 - That photo of Scott and Rob shaking hands after the 2003 final was very sad. How can you not celebrate brothers winning the Cup together?
3) Brian Burke - as abrasive as he is, I have huge respect for the guy. Hopefully after winning a Cup as a GM he is willing to take on the bigger challenge of being the NHL commissioner.
4) Selanne - 500+ goal, 500+ assists, Hall of Fame all the way so the guy deserves a ring

Take your pick, there are probably 20 more reasons to like the players, the coaches, or the organization.
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June 6, 2007 2:04 PM ET | Delete
I know what you mean. I admire them the same way - and they're about to clobber us. Still a good team is a team to admire.
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