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"Go Leafs Go"
Mississauga, ON • Canada • 29 Years Old • Male
After watching the NHL draft lottery tonight, I realized that I had wasted about 20 to 30 minutes of my life and that I will never be able to get those minutes back. It got me thinking that there has to be a way to make this more of an event, something that provides the fans of non playoff teams something to cheer for in the spring. Afterwards the final of the NCAA basketball tournament came on... Read More »

Passing the torch in Toronto

Posted March 25, 2008
The passing of the torch is an expression in the sports world that is often used when a team sees the face of there franchise either retire or slowly fade to the back while a younger player steps up to replace him in that role in the hopes of leading his team to greatness. In Toronto this passing of the torch is slowly but surely starting to happen. As it stands right now Mats Sundin is the... Read More »
As we enter mid March the Toronto Maple Leafs have once again put together a run that has seen them tease their fans with the thought of playoff hockey in 2008. Since February 2nd The Leafs have managed to put together a run of 10-5-0-1 and as of the end of play tonight sit six points out of the eighth and final playoff spot with thirteen games left to play. With that being said Maple Leaf fans... Read More »
Why is is when the Leafs are a playoff team they couldn't beat the Ottawa Senators during the regular season to save their lives.......but now that they aren't they have little problem with them? I know Alfredson and Heatley didn't play but still if the Leafs were a playoff team they would have found a way to lose! Read More »

Things could get a lot worse

Posted January 28, 2008
As we get closer the NHL trade deadline I like most Leaf fans out there await the first of what seems to be many moves Cliff Fletcher makes. There has been much talk of potential trades and moves that could be made by Cliff in the days to come, but there is one question that I have and it’s a question that I don’t know if anyone has an answer to. The question is what does Cliff mean when he... Read More »