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Posted September 2, 2011
I just had to remember my login information (lol), but I finally figured it out! Haven't jumped off the bandwagon, came back to actually be in Buffalo, and heck yes I am excited for next season! I hope to start blogging again, though I'm as always without a television, let alone cable. I'm not going to lie, it is a bit disappointing to see the community here active but so little change to the... Read More »

Sabres vs. Canadiens, 3-2

Posted February 6, 2009
Huge huge huge huge huge awesome win for the Sabres. No, they didn't play outstanding, but their ability to get through the 1st period, score a couple goals in the 2nd, and hold on to the win in the 3rd against a division rival? Good enough for me at this point. Yes, I think Canadiens really outplayed the Sabres. They seemed to have better control of the puck and were able to get shots off a... Read More »

The Fifty Game Report

Posted February 5, 2009
(Okay, technically 52 games, but let's not get too technical.) I've been away from blogging mostly because I haven't been in a blogging mood in awhile. However, now that I'm back home, I can catch all the games on tv and it's woonnddeerffful! I planned on doing a mid-season report before the All-Star Game, but because that didn't happen, you get my Sabres rambling now :) [b][u]BREAKING... Read More »

Sabres at Devils, 4-2

Posted December 13, 2008
[b]The numbers:[/b] 1. Special teams: The Sabres went 2 for 2 on the PP and gave no PP opportunities to the Devils. Unbelievable! 2. Faceoffs: Devils 35, Sabres 21. Zubrus won 88% (15-2) for the Devils while Hecht was 25% (4-12) and Gaustad was 28% (5-13) on the draw. The only Sabre abve 50% was Derek Roy (8-5). 3. Shots: Sabres 34, Devils 22. Buffalo really laid it on them in the... Read More »

Fantasy and post-game

Posted December 13, 2008
First, fantasy hockey. 1. 1480.30 - erby's Dance Party (me!) 2. 1405.40 - Bomb Squad 3. 1378.40 - Jamaican Me Crazy 4. 1245.50 - Downward Spiral ... (9 teams total) Look at that lead! Heck yeah!!! New switch-ups: Kuba is back in (Kronwall was the problem, not him) and I traded in Arnott for Dubinsky. Semin is back and racking up points already. Zherdev has been awesome. The weak... Read More »