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My Team Canada

Posted January 6, 2014
A lot of people are picking their Canadian Olympic hockey team, so I thought I would give my input. rn First I will start with the forward lines;rn 1st Line: Tavares-Crosby-Stamkos (If he is healthy by Sochi) rn2nd Line: Getzlaf-Toews-Perry rn3rd Line: Couture-Thornton-Giroux rn4th Line: Sharp-Bergeron-Duchene rnExtras: Hall and St. Louis... Read More »

Game On Flyers

Posted January 5, 2014
This recent Flyers win in Phoenix was amazing. After digging themselves into a 1-3 hole they pulled off a 5-3 victory. This is huge for Philadelphia because they are now second in the Metro division. They are still 17 points behind the Penguins, but are climbing out of their early season rut. It is good to see some of the Flyers top scorers putting the puck in the net. Simmonds, Hartnell, B. Schen... Read More »

Big Win on the Road

Posted February 19, 2013
The Flyers just pulled off probably the biggest win of the season against the Islanders today. I think I speak for most Flyers fans when I say it's about time they got a win, especially in blowout fashion. The Flyers needed goals, and badly. Up until today, the boys were having trouble scoring more than one goal per game. The Flyers have definitely been lacking scoring lately and it was exciti... Read More »

Flyers: 2 Games Down

Posted January 22, 2013
Well, the Flyers have played, and dropped, two games to start the season: the first against Pittsburgh and the second against the Buffalo Sabres. All in all, even though they lost both games, they didn’t look as bad as the record shows. They got some pretty rough calls by the refs especially in the Sabres game. Two Flyers goals were called back simply because the refs were lazy and didn’t t... Read More »

The Flyers and Free Agency

Posted January 14, 2013
100 mile per hour slap shot. Hopefully this will help move us in the right direction. The Flyers are on the road to strengthening their hurting defense in the acquisition of Kurtis Foster. He fills the Flyers need for a sixth defenseman and brings some different skills to the Flyers’ defense. Foster has bounced around the league quite a bit due to injuries which makes me wonder if he will st... Read More »


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